Brain Mapping

What is a Brain Map? ?

Imagine being able to have a “one of a kind” map of your brain. Through QEEG Brain Mapping,  you can!!  

Although the brain is a highly complex organ, we can use a Brain Map to provide an overview of what is occurring. The Brain Map captures brain activity, analyzes the data and creates a visual representation for each area of the brain. It is used in combination with information provided by you, to develop your neurofeedback training plan.  

How does Brain Mapping work?

Brain mapping in a non-invasive technique that uses what looks like a swimming cap with sensors in it. Once placed on your head, it measures and records electrical activity across the scalp. Our computer system will then analyze this information and generate a series of images that will identify which areas of the brain may be over-active or under-active. Our team takes this information, and uses it in various ways to create a unique training plan tailored to your needs.   

Brain Mapping Benefits

  • Receive detailed information about your brains functioning 
  • Can help identify how and why someone is struggling with symptoms such as depression and anxiety 
  • It allows for targeting of specific areas of the brain that need more help  
  • It provides understanding for how the brain communicates with the rest of the body 

At Evolve, we believe in improving your overall health and wellness through a holistic approach. Based on your brain map, we may recommend other areas of services. 

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