Vision, Mission, Values

At Evolve, our therapists approach patients in a caring, non-judgmental, and empathetic way. Our culturally safe environment provides tangible tools and resources you can apply on site and beyond. We help you to organize your experiences and thoughts in order to recognize their influence on your attitudes and behaviours. Whether you live with stress, mental health challenges, addiction, grief, abuse, trauma, or physical illness, we are here to lend our hands.   


To build a resilient and empowered team that helps children, youth, adults, and families achieve their unique needs and wellness goals. We aim to help people address life challenges and move forward. 


We are committed to offering our clients accessible and compassion-based services in an environment that encourages individuals to flourish, excel and improve their wellbeing. We deliver our services in a friendly, non-judgmental, and empathetic way. 

Core Values


We recognize that people come from many different walks of life which is why our team is committed to making our space a safe and inclusive environment for every individual.  


We aim to make our services accessible and affordable for those who need it.  


We create a safe space where people are seen, heard and valued. We know the importance of having your voice heard. 

Healthy Wholeness 

We empower clients to achieve well rounded, holistic health in all areas of their lives; including emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and relational.

Address your stress, today!